We are Live Now! Themis Eagle Ext 1 Integration SAP & WMS

06 March 2019, Kamadjaja Logistics celebrate the success of launching Project Themis Eagle Ext 1 with our beloved customers. This project is an inventory management focused project which especially focus on Pallet Tracing System, addressed as Guardian System. With the successful launch of this project, Kamadjaja Logistics is now able to take 360-Degree holistic control of every movement of the inventory in our fascilities. The Themis Eagle Ext 1 Project also provides live updates of each pallet information to both Kamadjaja Logistics Warehouse Management System and Customer’s SAP.


What are the benefits of this project?

In the point of view of system, this project ensures the availability and accuracy of pallet movement data. The sytem automatically updates both systems keep every piece of information on track and on time.

In the point of view of business, the project enables Kamadjaja Logistics to track the pallet and goods informations, starting from production line to the hand of end customers. More importantly, all this information are automatically shared to customer’s SAP on real time basis.


Want to know more about the project? How can you also benefit to the application of this project? We are always ready to help. Contact us for further information.


See more pictures of the celebration event at our instagram account.