Logistics Solutions


Utilizing cross-docking or flow through, we ensure that customer’s products are safely managed in quality buildings by highly-trained staff, supported by reliable equipment in accordance with tight standards of Goods Warehousing Practices (GWP) with zero loss, zero defects and zero contamination.

K-Log will provide an IT solution that will be utilized to manage the CUSTOMER DC.It will provide the reports, KPIs and warehouse processes management of the DC.The company will install Symphony Logistics WMS Online which is a 100% web based application that elegantly streamlined the logistics operations starting from the order creation to the delivery of the goods. These features rich solutions that are easily configurable to meet any operation best practices. It has the complete functionalities that cover most if not all processes in a distribution facility. It is parameterized, flexible and highly scalable. The system is certified as a partner of SAP so that interfacing is standardized.


Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) maintains excellent accuracy level of stock and traceability. Daily update reports for all types of process flow requirements enables us to closely monitor thousands of stock keeping units (SKU) to achieve zero discrepancy and zero dead stock.


Our operations system and distribution network across Indonesia is able to manage products delivery to any channels, ranging from Traditional outlet, Industrial, Institutional, Hotel and Restaurant to Modern outlets. With or without our canvassing system, we ensure In Full and On Time delivery.


Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and computerized order processing system ensure that every order is processed on time with visible control, to achieve ZERO BACK LOG.