Our Competence

In supporting the competitive advantages of our customers, KAMADJAJA LOGISTICS has kept developing its core competence in :


EXPERIENCE Our Technical Logistics knowledge is world class and our Local knowledge of the industry is outstanding.  We are one of the successful and experienced local third party Logistics providers in Indonesia.
PEOPLE Committed and experienced team of professionals. We will provide Customers with experienced key personnel like managers, supervisors, reach truck operators; etc., from our current staffing and other sources. Continuing training is built-in into the service organization. Kamadjaja Logistics will align with the business targets of Customers – our targets and yours are one.
ProTIP – Project Transition and Integration Plan Is a Kamadjaja Logistics developed partnership and business planning tool. Step-by-step process involving our customers in planning for success : Goal setting, work processes, performance measure establishment, SOPs, people development are designed with customer participation.
GLP – Good Logistics Practice Is Kamadjaja Logistics GMP. It covers all GMP principles with Logistics in mind. We are probably one of the few Logistics companies in Indonesia that has its own GMP standards. This is a Critical Success Factor for Customers operations.
WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Web Based SYMPHONY WMS Online is probably used in more locations in Asia than any other WMS. It is easily interfaced to SAP and other ERPs. We can produce reports, D/Ns, P/Ls MBOLs and all the standard WMS processes and transactions. More importantly, it is flexible, scalable and parameterized.
CAPABILITY AND COMMITMENT We continually invest in material handling equipment, transport equipment, IT, people development tools and other supply chain technology when it can increase productivity and efficiencies.
SAFETY, HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT We are committed to safe handling and delivery of partners’ products. We serve companies that have very stringent DC and transportation safety requirements due to the nature of their goods.
SERVICE EXCELLENCE Client-based organization that ensure high level responsive communication channel with dedicated person in charged.
STRONG RELATIONSHIPS Strong relationship with  customs and reliable partnership with shipping lines for export-import activities.