PTT Day 2019

On 23rd February 2019 at D’Jawa Cafe, Surabaya, The first convention of Productivity Through Technology (PTT) was held and named as PTT Day. PTT Day is one of the annual event of Strategy Initiative which is participated by all individuals in PT Kamadjaja Logistics. The main agenda of PTT Day is : Final and Awarding PTT Competition 2018 in which the competition has been running for the whole year since early 2018.

So what is PTT Competition? It is an internal competition held by PT Kamadjaja Logistics for all company departments. Employees are encouraged to make a group of 3 – 5 people to join the competition. The objective of PTT Competition is to discover improvement for their work activities by continuously looking for solution for a more effective and efficient work through the application of technology in it.

About 40 teams were formed and proposed their ideas to the judges. The idea proposed by each team must at least past the five main criterias: Business Impact, Lean Process Impact, Application Technology Adoption, Productivity Impact, and Efficiency Impact. Then, only 30 teams were given the ‘green light’ to polish their ideas with the continuous assistance of the IT department. Finally, 9 teams were selected and had the right to present their polished ideas which are already executed as well in the company during the PTT Day 2019.

This event is built on one of our corporate core value: Continuous Improvement. Each employee of Kamadjaja Logisitcs are embracing the corporate core values for all the work they do, from business operational, to business support and administration. This event proves that anyone can initiate positive changes in the company. Also, it is important to note that no matter their role in the company, employees ideas which are driven by passion to improve the company are all worthy and welcomed.

PTT day has just finished, but the spirit of continuous improvement is keep rising high. We all feel enthusiastic to kick start the beginning of PTT Competition 2019 and the final awarding at PTT Day 2020 event.

See you on top!

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