Presiden Jokowi on Customs Online Permit company gathering

Presiden Republik Indonesia, Joko Widodo launch Customs Online Permit facility designed especially for Bonded Area on Tuesday, March 3, 2018 in PT Samick Indonesia, Cileungsi, Jawa Barat, on the gathering session themed “Silahturahim Presiden RI dengan Pengguna Fasilitas Kepabeanan dan Perijinan Online”.

At the event held by Directorate General Customs and Excise , President came with several Minister and related head of departments reminds that in this vast changing time, more extreme, complex and fast competition become everyday reality. Not only between individuals or between companies, but also between countries. Every country compete to continue the growth rate for public prosperity. Reality and competition must be faced and won. To win the competition, the government need to do these things : increase the convenience climate, increase the competitiveness of export commodity, also create export diversification, not only the product but also the market.

There is 1425 company, which is 951 bonded area company, 165 IP company, 70 AEO, 10 energy company, and 100 UMKM, present at the event, with Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani give speech regarding import destination for export area, also Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi who stopped by at our booth and chatted with Ibu Ivy Kamadjaja.