Kamadjaja Logistics ready to Expand Network in the ASEAN free Market Opportunity : Indonesia Shipping Gazette, October 26, 2015

Our CEO Ivan Kamadjaja is on the cover of this week Indonesia Shipping Gazette . The magazine published on Monday, October 26 2015.
Along with the cover, there is 3 pages spread inside, titled “Kamadjaja Logistics ready to Expand Network in the ASEAN free Market Opportunity”. Here is the footage of the interview ;

Talking about ASEAN free market ( AEC ) is an  opportunity for Kamadjaja Logistics. It means AEC becomes a good opportunity for us to expand market range for the trade obstacles are reducing and almost zero. I am sure this condition will give effect to the export elevation that leads to the increase of the Indonesia Gross Domestivc Product ( GDP ) . Kamadjaja Logistics also keep innovating by expanding logistics networks, worker’s skills and intertwining a synergic work together with business partners in transportation to make sure the logistics system is more effective and efficient. AEC is a form of an integrated economy in South East that will later open widely the opportunities for domestic logistics sector to expand the range to other ASEAN members. ” – Ivan Kamadjaja, CEO Kamadjaja Logistics