Kamadjaja Logistics Inaugurated as Bonded Logistics Centers by President of Republic of Indonesia

Kamadjaja Logistics, the largest integrated logistics solutions in Indonesia, inaugurated as Bonded Logistics Centers (Pusat Logistik Berikat = PLB) by Joko Widodo, President of Republic of Indonesia on March 10, 2016 at Cakung, Jakarta Utara, along with 10 other companies. The inauguration is done by President accompanied by Minister of Finance Mr. Bambang Brodjonegoro, and Minister of Information Communication Mr. Rudiantara.

Kamadjaja Logistics as a pioneer in logistics industry since 48 years ago, has prepare one of the facility: K-Log Park Cibitung (In West Java Province) as the Bonded Logistics Centers. K-Log Park Cibitung build in area of 180.000 sqm, is the modern logistics complex that provide complete logistics solutions, from warehousing & distribution, domestic & international freight forwarding, land transport, toll manufacturing and value added service, all in one roof. The PLB will be the new value added in the complex, cemented as the most complete integrated logistics service park in Indonesia.

“All of our facility has been fulfill the requirement as a bonded logistics centers”, said Ivy Kamadjaja, Deputy CEO of Kamadjaja Logistics, in the middle of legitimization ceremony. On the phase 1, Kamadjaja has build 32.000 sqm warehouse, and some are prepared as a PLB area. “We fully committed on managing facility on this PLB, to support government economy policy program” added Ivy Kamadjaja.

The biggest benefit of using PLB in K-log Park Cibitung are: strategically located, accessible from 3 main toll gates (the main highways of Indonesia most biggest industrial areas), modern warehouse facility with IT-based paperless support systems which is direct accessible by the Customs. And supported by the most complete integrated logistics services and the largest logistics network in Indonesia. “And we are located in a flood free industrial area, guaranteed for the stability of the process and activity of our clients”, said Ivy Kamadjaja.

Kamadjaja Logistics operate 24 distribution centers across Indonesia, and 3 K-Log Park as integrated logistics facility, such as K-Log Park Cibitung (West Java), K-Log Pak Medan (North Sumatera) and K-Log park Surabaya (East Java).

PLB is  part of government economy policy to increase Indonesia’s products competitiveness. PLB facility will help to increase the goods flow effectively and efficiently, thus it helps reducing dwelling time, and also guarantee the needs of raw materials for industries. The company using PLB facility will get several advantages, like suspension of import duty and taxs when entering PLB area, the delay for import duty payment and tax when exiting, fast support IT service, priority clearance and periodic exiting document. “I’m sure, this facility will make Indonesia as a distribution hub in Asia Pacific “, said Ivy Kamadjaja, Thursday, March 10, 2016.