Kamadjaja Logistics Hackathon Day- Start Up Nation Summit 2018

In conjunction with Kamadjaja Logistics’s 50th anniversary celebration and the company’s vision “Digital Transformation” of an innovation that has wide impact on technology and logistics specifically. Kamadjaja Logistics support Start Up Nation Summit event that will be held on November 16-17, 2018 in Surabaya, which will attract 170 delegates from around the world.


This annual international digital industry collaboration last year event was held at Tallin, Estonia. According to Surabaya Mayor, Ibu Tri Rismaharini during the press release in Surabaya City Hall last Thursday, August 23, 2018, she wanted Surabaya to start competing in the new era where entrepreneurship and start up is developed immensely.


Startup Nations Summit (SNS) initiated by Global Enterpreneurship Network (GEN) will collaborate with other events, Inno Creativitation (November 14-15 2018), Bekraf Festival 2018 (November 14-17 2018), Kamadjaja Logistics Hackathon Day (November 10-11 2018) and Mlaku-Mlaku Nang Tunjungan on November 18, 2018. Not only for celebration or success telling story for entrepreneurship, but also how to conquer the challenge, and there will be a session to discuss the real entrepreneur ecosystem in Surabaya.


On the same occasion, Ibu Ivy Kamadjaja as Deputy CEO of Kamadjaja Logistics express her proud to be able to take part on this international event. The aim of KLOG hackathon is to create and explore solutions for key areas of customers experience, business processes and in exploring possibilities of new business model in the logistics sector.


Kamadjaja Logistics Hackathon Day will attended by 50 developers (+-  17 start up) challenged to have 17 solutions logistics within two days (10-11 November 2018) that will take place in KORIDOR Coworking Space Surabaya. They will be mentored by professional experts guides by CEO, Deputy CEO, CF and VP ICT Kamadjaja Logistics, also other experts from Enciety, Urbanhire, Bukalapak, Sirclo, Recap, Reblood, Firebase, GO-JEK, UXindonesia and many mores. The winner of this event will announce along with other SNS winner.