Kamadjaja Logistics: from Ende to the World

“Never forget who you are and where you come from, because from the re you will always find a special part of yourself that will give you strength and peace.”


02 – 03 December 2018, Ende, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia.

The long heritage of Kamadjaja Logistics as one of the pioneers in Logistics industry in Indonesia is rooting deep to Ende City, the place of birth for Mr. Hura Kamadjaja, founder of Kamadjaja Logistics 50 years ago. Still in euphoria of celebrating the 50th birthday, this year we have the opportunity to reminiscing back our heritage right to the heart of Ende, the city which is well known of its harbour, education, and Pancasila.

Ende, The Harbour City – Due to its strategic location on the shore of Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Ende has two harbors which functioned to support logistics supplies from and to Ende. The trading goods that come in and out of Ende through these harbours support significantly support the economic growth of Ende and Flores Island as a whoe. Spending a lot of his childhood time on the bridge near Ende Harbor, slowly but surely Hura Kamdajaja’s passion to logistics activities grew. With the numerous flow of goods coming in and out of Ende, never-ending shipping activities, and exciting stories that will always be shared by traders who come to Ende Harbor, Hura Kamadjaja was determined to sail with the ship, start a new adventure while observing different lifestyle outside his city of birth. The more he sail, the bigger his passion to the logistics process and goods delivery through the sea. He knows how vast his country, Indonesia, which is connected by seas. With the establishment of Kamadjaja Logistics, Hura Kamadjaja’s determined to deliver goods to all destination points in Indonesia, spreading blessings in the form of goods and stories to every corner of Indonesia, without forgetting his hometown, Ende – the city of Harbor in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara.

Ende, The Education City – Ende is “home” for students who live in the greater area of Flores Island. It is because Ende has numerous high-quality schools and universities, one of the most famous is Universitas Flores. A lot of students from East Nusa Tenggara come to Ende to pursue their education, learning and sharing knowledge with each other. Consequently, the arrival of students from different regions has helped to improve the economic prosperity of Ende City. Not only that, but the students also enrich the culture of Ende City. In accordance with the mission to build Ende, Kamadjaja Logistics has the opportunity to help education and learning activities by signing a MoU with Universitas Flores. Kamadjaja Logistics also use the opportunity to give some school utilities and learning tools for early education, especially to SD Katolik 3 Ende. Kamadjaja Logistics believe that education is a weapon that can change the world. If given the right weapon with the right opportunity, then in the future those educated children from Flores could bring Indonesia to a brighter and better future.

Ende, The City of Pancasila – It turns out that it is not only Kamadjaja Logistics that has deep rooting to Ende City, but Indonesia’s history is also knotted to Ende City. The reason behind is because Ende City is the place of exile for Indonesia’s first President, Soekarno in 1934 in which he formulated Indonesia’s ideology, Pancasila. In his muse at that time, President Soekarno learnt a lot from the local Ende community’s philosophy which he believes to be a ‘mini’ version of Indonesia. People of Ende are well known to be a multicultural community who are always successfully live together, help each other, and to have mutual assistance so that creating an open and friendly living condition to whoever come to their community. Similarly, Indonesia is a country with thousands of culture from people in different region mixed together who have mutual respect with each other. During Kamadjaja Logistics visit to Ende, we visited Museum Rumah Soekarno to re-contemplate core values which are planted by 1st President Soekarno to create one Republic Indonesia which is united in diversity.

We are grateful for the opportunity to look back the heritage of Kamadjaja Logistics back to Ende. We hope that the core values from our hometown which is planted deeply to our company core values can bring us continue the journey firmly and steadily. Always remember where we rooted, Kamadjaja Logistics also hope to be able to always spread positive values to Indonesia, especially to Ende in the future.