KAMADJAJA LOGISTICS achieve “Indonesia’s Best Practices of Corporate University 2018”

Kamadjaja Corporate University achieve “Indonesia’s Best Practices of Corporate University 2018” as the top best three in Non-Financial Services categories.

This award plays an important role for Kamadjaja Corporate University continuous quality enhancement, to bring this corporate learning facility as Kamadjaja Logistics’s benchmark.

Kamadjaja Corporate University was established in early 2017. As a part of Kamadjaja Logistics, an integrated logistics solution provider in Indonesia who will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Before is a training center, now transformed as Corporate University aligned with company’s strategy and purposes.

“We’re grateful even though it’s only a year, but our Corporate University are running on the right track, and we’re committed to continue improving,” said Jimmy Sudirgo, Head of Corporate University.

At this moment, Kamadjaja Corporate University is having two academy : Center for Logistics Excellence to train the expert on supply chain & logistics management. And Center for Leadership & Management Effectiveness, to develop great leaderand having Kamadjaja Way’s characteristics on their fields.

“Indonesia’s Best Practices of Corporate University 2018” is an annual program held by SWA dan PLN Corporate University to find companies in Indonesia with the best corporate university that can also be the role model for other companies.(*)