Kamadjaja Corporate University – Leadership Academy Program

Ivan Kamadjaja mentioned in his speech during Kamadjaja Corporate University launching on February 27, 2017 that human resources development is one of the most important foundation in company transformation, aside from mindset transformation, process and technology.

Kamadjaja Corporate University born as a company commitment to answer the particular needs. For this early stage, 2 programs will be developed, Leadership Academy (Center for Leadership & Management Effectiveness) and Logistics Academy (Center for Logistics Excellence). Leadership Academy Program is designed for every level, from Basic Management to Executive Level, with the purpose to create leaders with BE THE BOS philosophy. BOS is BIJAKSANA, OBYEKTIF, dan SPORTIF, on how the leader is also being the role model in his place, in family or in the office. And then there is Logistics Academy program designed to create supply chain & logistics experts, who can contribute not only for Kamadjaja but also for Indonesian logistics in general.

Here are several pictures from Leadership Academy program held at April 2017, will be continuing on May 2017 with Logistics Academy program.

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