Kamadjaja Corporate University Launching

Jakarta, February 27, 2017Inaugurated by CEO Kamadjaja Logistics Ivan Kamadjaja on February 27, 2017, Kamadjaja Logistics launch Kamadjaja Corporate University to prepare an expert in supply chain and logistics.

Ivan Kamadjaja mentioned in his speech that human resources development is one of the most important foundation in company transformation, aside from mindset transformation, process and technology. “The challenge on the future is getting harder and unpredictable, and with this faster and disruptive transformation, we need capable and competent human resources on their fields. Employee who willing to learn to increase his or her capability and dedicate to give the best”, said Ivan Kamadjaja.

For the early stage, two program will be developed, Leadership Academy and Logistics Academy. Leadership Academy is designed for every level, start from Basic Management to Executive Level, aimed to produce leader who will contribute in company global achievement, customer satisfaction and growing spirits in his or her team.

Logistics Academy designed to produce supply chain and logistics experts, who can contribute not only to Kamadjaja, but also to the logistics future in Indonesia.