Ivan Kamadjaja mentoring the winner of Start-up competition

As the result from the technology expo held by D-NET collaborated with Express Wi-FI by Facebook β€œID.Connect” bringing theme β€œHello Digital Inspiration” on November 19, 2017 in Exhibition Hall Tunjungan Plaza 3, 6th Floor Surabaya, with one of the agenda is the launching of the first Express Wi-Fi by Facebook in Indonesia in collaboration with D-NET, and seminars, there also being held start-up competition followed by 18 start -up from Jawa Timur area.

Judged by professional judges like Andrew Hadinyoto, CTO PT Dutakom Wibawa Putra; Zaenal Arifin, Co-Founder Andromedia; Sapto Anggoro, Founder Binokular.com and CEO Tirto.id; Bonnie Soeherman, Business Trainer; Arief Budiman, Dekan Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Widya Kartika; M Rizki Akbar, Operational of Sub Co; Arief Nuriman, Business Practitioner; Achmad Al Jufri, Lead of Pensky incubator; and Eddie Prastyo, Manager New Media Suara Surabaya, this competition won by Matakota – a clever solution to create the comfortable city – as the first winner, Maulidan Games as the second winner, and The Profit comes at third.

The winner of start-up competition, besides prize money, they also had a chance of mentoring session, one of its Ivan Kamadjaja – CEO Kamadjaja Logistic and Angel Investor on April 7. The lucky attendee is enthusiastically having a chance of mentoring by Pak Ivan, listening and participating on the session, and wish that they could develop successfully with the knowledge shared by him.