Ivan Kamadjaja on Indonesia Brand Forum 2016

Indonesia Brand Forum 2016 was held on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta. This third round of IBF bring theme Branding Family Business for the Nation: ”Success Through Generations” aims to build local brand to compete in global market. To strengthen the purpose, IBF declare Family Business Inc.: “National Synergy and Collaboration to the Great Indonesia” announced by several of the great business leader. They were Ivan Kamadjaja from Kamadjaja Logistics, Bryan Tilaar from Martha Tilaar Group, Erijanto Djajasudarma from PT Niramas Utama, and Iwan Kurniawan Lukminto from Sritex. “This declaration is needed to push the family businesses to collaborate, to be greater and stronger than they ever be alone. Indonesia must win, we cannot walk by our self, our brand is the struggle tool,“ said Yuswo Hady, founder of Inventure, marketing, management and research company.

Other than to declare “Family Business Inc.” Ivan Kamadjaja is giving the opportunity being one of the 15 great company leader as a speaker in the seminar, as one of the sessions in IBF 2016.

Indonesia Brand Forum is an initiative to campaign and raise awareness to business people in Indonesia about the importance of building brand for Indonesian product/ service. An integrated program of seminar, expo, awarding, book publishing, community blogging, media campaign, corporate social responsibility (CSR), etc work together simultaneously every year with single aim to bring The Great Indonesia. More than 95% of companies in Indonesia is family business with $5-10 million turnover (PWC, 2015). It is why to build Indonesian corporate branding we cannot be far from building family business brand. Plenty obstacles on building business family, from organization transformation, succession, culture, attracting talents, to build longevity from generation to generation.